Free St. Patrick’s Day Printable

Free St. Patrick's Day Printable!

We just went through our first winter here in Utah and it has been cold and dreary. I am so ready for spring. And March means spring! And this year, March is full of good times: St. Patrick’s Day, daylight savings, and Easter.

To be honest, I have not always been a fan of St. Patrick’s day. Before I had kids, I wondered why people got excited about a day where people pinch each other. But my mother-in-law has Irish ancestors and loves Ireland. When kids joined our family, my sweet mother-in-law turned St. Patty’s day into a holiday.  She gives my girls packages of green necklaces, gold coins, green bubbles, and Lucky Charms cereal. My girls love it, of course, and now think that St. Patrick’s day is ranked up there with Valentine’s day and Halloween. They want decorations and treats. They pick out their green shirts in advance, and get excited about eating Lucky Charms all day.

So I try to be fun and get out a few green things. I try to muster up any Irish pride I might have, and hope my kids don’t notice that I use the same decorations every year.

But this year, I am trying to freshen things up. I really love this Irish proverb about good friends. I have been really blessed to have good friends in my life and I am all about celebrating them.

Click the link below for this free printable. Enjoy! ♥

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